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SLA Encore Caucus Annual Business Meeting ~ June 19, 2017

Minutes of the SLA Encore Caucus Annual Business Meeting ~ June 19, 2017

Call to order:  Terri Brooks. 7:20 PM

Request that someone take notes for Minutes: Ethel Salonen

Recognition stickers for our name badges: dynamic sticker colors from JoAnn’s Fabrics

Introductions around the table: Terri Brooks, Ethel Salonen, John Chu, and Ann Caputo

Review of minutes from 2016 Meeting: Terri. Reviewed and Approved by all in attendance.

Report on Treasury: Terri  $235. Terri will continue as Treasurer for 2018.

We discussed SLA Option 2 for financing programs and for having a kiosk during the 2018 Baltimore conference. The kiosk would be free and we would no longer need to pay to co-sponsor a meeting.

Report on the 2017 program we’re co-sponsoring :  Kim Dority, 2017 Convener, has worked on the 2017 conference program with Marilyn Bromley, conference planner for the Social Sciences Division.   Social Sciences Division is the lead division for the topic of “Gig Economy” for a session co-sponsored by Business & Finance Division, and Legal Division as well as the Encore Caucus.  The session covered on-demand jobs, options for retirement, workplace challenges, and co-employment issues of the “Sharing Economy”.

SLA Connect :  Is anyone using it? Those in attendance do use it.

Main Street SLA kiosk. We decided that an Encore Caucus kiosk for 2018 would be a great idea.  Terri has the action item to speak with other Encore caucus members to determine who would create the brochure.  We would also need to solicit volunteers for staffing the booth.

Roles for next year.  Ethel Salonen has agreed to be the convener.

Future Directions: Programs for the rest of 2017 and into 2018 :

Rebecca Vargha reports that the Webinar Series will begin in the Fall 2017. We will have our usual business meeting and Ethel began conversations with the 2018 LMD Conference Planner to co-sponsor a leadership meeting. Ann Caputo volunteered to present her program on “Re-inventing yourself.” It was well received at the 2017 AIIP conference.  Other ideas are a program on financial planning or a technology futures program.

Convener for 2019:  We are looking for a 2019 convener. We came up with 3 names. If anyone is willing to assume this role please contact Ethel. If no one volunteers then she will contact the names mentioned at the meeting.

Other Business: None

Adjourn: 7:50 PM


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