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Attending the 2018 Encore Caucus Annual Meeting Breakfast

attending the Encore Caucus Breakfast June 2018

Top row, left to right: Jean Scanlan, Ethel Salonen, Tobi Pearlstein, Marilyn Bromley, Hope Tillman
Front row, left to right: Anne Janac, Terri Brooks, Janice Keeler
Photographer: Jim Tchobanoff

attending the Encore Caucus Breakfast June 2018

Top row, left to right: Jean Scanlan, Ethel Salonen, Tobi Pearlstein, Marilyn Bromley, Jim Tchobanoff
Front row, left to right: Anne Janac, Terri Brooks, Hope Tillman
Photographer: Janice Keeler

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Draft Minutes of the SLA Encore Caucus Annual Business Meeting – June 12, 2018

Call to order:  Ethel Salonen, 7:30 AM

Secretary: Request that someone take notes for Minutes: Hope Tillman

Ribbons:Encore ribbons were passed out. Ethel announced that these are available in the Registration Area and at the Encore Caucus kiosk.

Introductions: New member to the group Anne Janac was introduced. Introductions were made around the table: Marilyn Bromley, Terri Brooks, Anne Janac, Janice Keeler, Toby Pearlstein, Ethel Salonen, Jean Scanlan, James Tchobanoff, Hope Tillman, and Rebecca Vargha.

Review of minutes from 2017 Meeting: Ethel. Reviewed and Approved by all in attendance.

Report on Treasury: Ethel reported. Ethel spent money in Treasury for 2017 – it was used to buy the ribbons, make photocopies of materials handed out at conference, and gift cards to give out at Caucus program. Terri Brooks pointed out that money for 2018 will be available in September. Caucus can spend money neeeded from this amount during the year but it goes away if not used. Caucus does not have a bank account.

SLA Option 2 is working well for the Encore Caucus. We agreed to continue with SLA Option 2 for next year. With Option 2, the kiosk is free and we do not need to pay to co-sponsor a meeting.

Report on the 2018 program we’re co-sponsoring: the Leadership and Management Division Program: Exploring Critical Issues in Information Management: LMD Book Club, Monday, June 11, 2018. It was held 7:15 AM to 8:45 AM. Toby Pearlstein discussed the handbook she and the late Jim Matarazzo edited, titled, The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management, published by Emerald Publishing, Ltd. Many of the individuals who wrote a chapter for the book were in attendance.   Ethel shared Kim Dority’s Thinking about an Encore LIS Career? handout. Hope will add this to the website.

SLA Connect:  Is anyone using it? Those in attendance do use it. There have been a few issues with Connect and several members have been having trouble with communications with staff. The online Member Directory works well.

Main Street SLA kiosk: The Encore Caucus kiosk for 2018 is a great idea.  Terri, Ethel and others are staffing it, and others agreed to stop by to help.

Encore Caucus website: Hope reported that it is temporarily available at http: The websites were hacked this spring, and SLA had to move all of them to this location. The Board is considering a different approach to the websites going forward. Hope requested that attendees share content to put onto the website since we had to start our site from scratch when she took it over this spring.

Roles for next year:  Ann Caputo will be convenor for 2019 and Rebecca Vargha will be convenor for 2020.

Program ideas for rest of 2018 and into 2019: Rebecca Vargha reports that the Webinar Series will begin in 2018. In 2019, We will have our usual business meeting and program planning has begun for next. Ideas shared included a focus on health issues or financial planning. Cleveland Clinic would be local. Possible partners would be Pharma, Biomed, Business & Finance.

Ethel was commended for putting together caucus flyer.

Other Business: None

Adjourn: 8:30 AM

Submitted by Hope Tillman

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Thinking About an Encore LIS Career?

Tips from the SLA Encore Caucus by Kim Dority

If you, like many of us, love doing some work but are ready to consider a more lifestyle-friendly way to use your skills, the following questions may help you start thinking through which of your possible options will best fit your “encore” goals.

What are your reasons for continuing to work?
• Social interaction, friendships with colleagues
• Financial considerations, additional income
• Want to use my skills to contribute
• Enjoy the intellectual challenge
• Enjoy the routine
• Not ready to be a full-time grandparent/babysitter
• Enjoy staying professionally active
• Other (what might that be?)

What type of work structure sounds appealing to you?
• Part-time, regular schedule with current or new employer
• Flexible hours with current or new employer
• Project work, lasting anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, perhaps through a placement agency
• Remote work, that you can do from anywhere with an internet connection
• Independent work, where you are an independent contractor or solopreneur doing various types of LIS work for clients
• Predictable seasonal work (for example, teaching) where you can know over the course of months or a year when you’ll be working and when you’ll not be working

What type of work activities sound engaging?
• Continuing to do what you’ve been doing, but less of it, with more flexibility
• Any type of Information work minus management responsibilities
• Working with children/young adults/the public/other, which is ___________
• A new aspect of LIS work you’ve become interested in, which is ____________
• An existing type of LIS work you’ve wanted to do more of, which is ____________
• Something different, not sure what, time to explore more!

What other considerations will affect your encore career choices?
• Family, social, or community commitments
• Health constraints
• Financial requirements
• Specific types of work or work environments you want to avoid
• Don’t want to have to learn any new technology
• Would like to avoid working with children/young adults/the public/other ___________
• Other, which is _____________________

These are just some initial questions to help you start thinking about your options for an Encore career – in fact, you might want to start a journal to begin recording your thoughts as you consider this next important phase of your career.

And of course, you’ll want to join the SLA Encore Caucus to brainstorm with like-minded colleagues! (Don’t forget, you can add a membership for half price at the conference)

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