The Encore Caucus (formerly known as the Retired Members Caucus) aspires to engage SLA members who are thinking about retirement, are considering career transitions for a desired lifestyle change, are in the midst of the retirement process, or who have already retired, to share knowledge to guide each other and to continue providing leadership to SLA.


2018: (Ethel Salonen, convener)

  • Programs at 2018 SLA Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD:
    • Tuesday, June 12, 7:30-8:30 AM: Annual Business Meeting, Ethel Salonen, 2018 Convener (Breakfast served; 11 attendees)
    • Monday, June 11, 7:15-8:45 AM: “Exploring Critical Issues in Information Management: LMD Book Club”, (co-sponsored with Leadership and Management Division), Toby Pearlstein discussed the handbook she and the late Jim Matarazzo edited, entitled, The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management, published by Emerald Publishing, Ltd.
  • Prepared a brochure about the Encore Caucus and distributed copies at our kiosk on SLA Main Street at annual conference
  • Distributed Encore Caucus ribbons to Encore members at the kiosk.
  • Distributed handout on “Thinking about an encore LIS career?” prepared by Kim Dority
  • Update content of Encore Caucus website; migrate website to new content management platform in Fall 2018.
  • Launch a recruitment campaign to increase number of Encore Caucus members (approximately 65); promote Encore Caucus to all SLA Retired members by distributing brochure and conference handout by Kim Dority, “Thinking about an encore LIS career?”
  • Begin a webinar series for all SLA members in Fall 2018 covering topics of interest: retirement planning, career transitions, career resilience and re-invention.


2017: (Kim Dority, Convener)

  • Programs at 2017 SLA Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ
    • Annual Business Meeting, Terri Brooks, 2016 Co-Convener (4 attendees)
    • Sunday, June 18, 2:15-3:30 PM: “The Gig Economy: How a new way of working is changing our lives” (co-sponsored with Social Sciences Division, Business & Finance Division, and Legal Division)
  • Selected Option 2 for financing caucus programs at annual conferences – SLA HQ obtains sponsorship and finances programs
  • Hosted an Encore Caucus kiosk on SLA Main Street at annual conference to promote Encore Caucus and increase visibility

2016: (Terri Brooks and Valerie Ryder, Co-Conveners)

  • Programs at 2016 SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA
    • June 14, Annual Business Meeting, Terri Brooks, 2016 Co-Convener (14 attendees)
    • Sunday, June 12: “Knowledge Retention Strategies for Information Professionals” (co-sponsored with Knowledge Management Division, Business & Finance Division, and Government Information Division), 50-60 attendees
  • Conducted survey on the Future of the Encore Caucus; 36% response rate from members, majority of respondents wanted Encore Caucus to remain a caucus.
  • Migrated Encore Caucus discussion list to SLA Connect community and re-vitalized discussions and communications to members.

2015: (Jean Scanlan, Convener)

  • Programs at 2015 SLA Annual Conference in Boston, MA
    • June 16, 10-11 AM, Annual Business Meeting, Jean Scanlan, 2015 Convener (10 attendees)
    • June 16: “Retirement: Collecting Data on it, Working Towards it, Surviving it” (co-sponsored with Insurance & Employee Benefits Division, Business & Finance Division, Legal Division, and Petroleum & Energy Resources Division), 80 attendees

2012: (Lynne McCay, convener)

  • Programs at 2012 SLA Annual Conference in Chicago:
    • Monday: 16 July, 12:30-1:30 pm:  Annual Business Meeting, Lynne McCay, 2012 Convener
    • Monday 16 July, 4:30-5:30 pm: “Reinventing yourself — transferring skills” (co-sponsor with Taxonomy Division), program by Barbara Holden at Barbara.Holder@fpinnovations.ca and Dan Segal at dan.segal@verizon.net
    • Wednesday 18 July, am: Veterans History Project, (cosponsor with Military Librarians) Connie Wiley at connie.j.wiley@usace.army.mil
  • Explored clearinghouse potential for mentoring (Jan Chindlund and Anne Caputo)
  • Double membership with recruitment effort (add all members to listserv; follow up with retirees, content to website)

2011: (Susan Fifer Canby, convener)

  • Engaged members to handle programming, membership, finance, news, and succession
  • Used Survey Monkey to ask membership to vote to update caucus name from KRET to ENCORE
  • Determined goals and aspirations for 2012 at June 2011 Annual Business Meeting
  • Updated listserv to encore@lists.sla.org and added all members
  • Organized June 2011 meeting (business meeting) and Stephen Abram show; co-hosted a program with the Education division
  • Launched recruitment effort to double membership (56 to 115)
  • Developed a WordPress website, Encore.SLA.org, Linked-in, FaceBook presence, working with John DiGilio
  • Created voice over slides for the SLA Conference about Encore Caucus

2010: (Susan Fifer Canby, convener)

  • Re-invigorated the Retired Members Caucus
  • Articulated a mission and set goals
  • Created a wiki, which includes a mindmap, a blog of tips and experiences, an outline of keys areas for knowledge sharing
  • Propagated the wiki with content.  The wiki was not a simple enough vehicle to encourage much collaboration.
  • Identified those who might want to participate and lead the refreshment of the caucus
  • Created a logo and “face” or identity for this group or movement.
  • Secured a list of retired SLA members; Caucus members, DCSLA retirees, anticipating further member engagement.
  • Reported progress to the SLA Board and Chapters and met at conference in New Orleans to evolve the project.
  • Focused the mission after Board Review and explored roles the Encore Group might have with the Association going forward.
  • Engaged Stephen Abrams to speak at business meeting in June 2011.
  • Contributed to other program planning with other divisions or chapters.