SLA Connect

Participate in the Encore Caucus Community on SLA Connect to communicate with other caucus members.

To connect, go to

Share your questions and experiences via the Discussions. We hope that this will be a way for us to stay connected as a cohort and continue to provide leadership to SLA.

The Encore Caucus’ Community focuses its activities on:

  • Modeling for leadership in our encore lives
  • Mentoring and giving back to our colleagues and SLA
  • Providing networking and communication opportunities for its members
  • Offering a vision and reassurance about the future of information services
  • Understanding the information industry and information economy
  • Learning to handle and be comfortable with risk

Guidelines / Net Etiquette*

  • The SLA Connect Community should be used for legitimate business purposes of the Encore Caucus of the Special Libraries Association.
  • * Copyrighted materials should not be posted on the Community without the permission of the copyright holder(s).
  • Don’t flame (i.e., criticize another member of the list) on the Community. You should not send or respond to a “flaming” message.
  • * Refrain from posting large files to the Community.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in removal from the list.*